Our "Nutmaster" continuous brittle and crunch cooker is the centerpiece of our brittle & crunch capabilities. This operation produces a wide range of syrup formulations that are blended with nuts, crunches, fruits, and anything that sounds good to you! Ingredient ratios are adjustable and depend only on your imagination.

The finished product size is also broadly adjustable, from bite size pieces, random sized pieces, squares, and up to full "candy bar" size. A continuous bar wrapping operation allows bars to be wrapped and boxed for sale or we can bulk produce for other packaging options.

Approximate Capacity: 14,000,000 lbs per year

We also have a batch-cooking kitchen available for specialty products. We currently use it to produce a traditional hand made "peanut butter pillow". The "pillows" are composed of a flaky center with a paper-thin layer of peanut butter and molasses. Covering the flavored candy with a hand-pulled satin shell completes the product.

Did you know...

Classic Caramel has the capacity to produce 4,000,000 lbs of taffy per year.

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Our kitchen is run in a batch format so formulas, as well as taffy pulling, can be varied to offer maximum flexibility for your project...

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