With over 30 formulas of caramel for your application, whether it is an ingredient or finished cut and wrap product, we have your caramel needs covered. Two separate continuous systems allow us to simultaneously cook different product on two lines. Our continuous cooking system yields superior product consistency. State of the art temperature and moisture control provides us the tools to get you the exact product that you require. A range of texture is available from firm to soft chew. We have the flexibility to sell in 2,000 lb totes, 55 gallon drums, five gallon buckets, and one gallon buckets, as well as cut and wrap bite size, squares, and logs.

Approx. capacity—20,000,000 lbs per year

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The Warrell Corporation is an active member in the National Confectioners Association, Retail Confectioners Association, PMCA, and National Confectionery Sales Association.

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Our "Nutmaster" continuous brittle and crunch cooker is the centerpiece of our brittle & crunch...

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