Chocolate Panning

We have a broad panning capability. We have both traditional engrossing pans and high capacity belt coating machines. Depending upon the product, the center and coating (chocolate or compound), we have flexibility and capacity. We can apply several different coatings to products in our panning operations at the same time, utilizing out specially built melter/mixers. We can color and/or flavor the coating, apply multiple coatings, even give a “dusted” or "metalized" look. We have been successful in coating a wide variety of centers, including roasted nuts, dried fruits, pretzel balls, peanut brittle pieces, and specialty centers.

We have separate intermediate storage rooms to prevent flavor migration. Our finishing and polishing capacity allows us to produce exactly what each customer desires. As a normal part of our operation, we utilize a wide array of polishing agents.

Approximate Capacity: 13,000,000 lbs per year

Did you know...

The Warrell Corporation has the largest capacity of hot-panning processed products in the United States. The sixteen rotating pans can produce approximately 14,000,000 lbs annually.

Featured Process

Chocolate Enrobing

Two 48" wide enrobing lines (2001 and 2005), supported by state of the art Sollich Tempering systems provide the ideal enrobing conditions...

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