Private Label Candy Manufacturing

Whether your company is a start-up or an established brand, you may be wondering when it’s appropriate for you to turn to co-manufacturers for your branded or private label products — especially if you’ve never outsourced manufacturing services before. As a general rule, utilizing private label candy co-manufacturers is a good idea for large or small retailers that want to develop their own house brand of products. Some retailers prefer to mimic favorite national brand items to show a value with their house brand or offer innovative line extensions of favorite brand items to provide something unique.

To understand this better, it’s helpful to think of grocery stores. A typical grocery market is going to sell food that’s produced by brands such as Kraft and General Mills. While the store will make money on every package of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese and every box of General Mills cereal it sells, the retailer usually makes more if their private label of comparable products offers value. Retailers with house brands advertise and market their entire line or brand together to send a message to their customers. House brands do not have individual advertising and marketing expenses per product like a national brand consumer product group company would. Most chain retailers benefit from having a private label or house brand, but they are not usually a manufacturer. If a retailer lacks a production facility or the expertise necessary to produce new high-quality foods, this is where private label manufacturers step in. If you want to develop your own confectionery products, you can use private label candy companies to create and produce these products for you.

Warrell Creations Unique Capabilities — Your Private Label Partner of Choice

When you choose Warrell Creations as your private label candy manufacturer, you’re gaining a valued partner that’s truly invested in your success. We have a partnership process in place to ensure we always exceed your expectations.

Our process begins long before you contact us as your private label candy producer. At Warrell Creations, we’re continually developing new products to stay current with the changing market demands. In fact, we create and test an average of 100 new products every six months. This non-stop innovation ensures our private label partners always have a generous portfolio of products to choose from when they want to add additional items to their store shelves.

We have a long menu of commercialized products that are already available to you, so you don’t need to have a recipe in place or a product idea in mind to work with us. All you have to do is select the products you want to sell at your retail location, and we will work with you on the packaging and launch date.

Of course, if you have a recipe you want to have produced, we’ll be more than happy to manufacture your products for you. We offer a variety of innovative packaging for the products we build, and we will use your label or art that you design.

Our Candy Manufacturing Facilities & Core Competencies

Following our humble start in Mount Holly Springs, PA in 1965, our family-owned and operated company now operates a state-of-the-art 200,000-square foot production center in Camp Hill, PA. We specialize in high-volume runs for private label brands and contract manufacturing CPG customers. Our years of experience in manufacturing and innovation have honed our candy making expertise.

At Warrell Creations, we’ve developed unique candy making core competencies that enable us to produce the best, most innovative products around. Our core competencies include:

To learn more about our private label manufacturing capabilities or our partnership process, facilities or core competencies, contact Warrell Creations, your private label partner of choice, today!