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Too Much Leftover Halloween Candy? Here Are Some Ways to Put It to Good Use

Halloween is a lot of fun. It’s fun for kids, of course, but it can be a lot of fun for parents, too. It’s great to watch your kids drag home their big Halloween candy haul and eat themselves into a dreamlike candy haze. But the next morning, there may be a little too much leftover Halloween candy for your kids to eat — although they may disagree.

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Why Is Packaging Important for Your Product

Over 50 percent of consumer purchases are driven by a person’s emotions. This is particularly true when a shopper is wavering between two brands offering the same product. In his book “The Brand Gap,” Marty Neumeier writes, “A retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale.” If your product’s packaging is successful at reaching consumers on an emotional level, it may increase the likelihood you’ll be able to capitalize on your last and best chance to make a sale.

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