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Pros & Cons of Six Popular Healthy Snack Ideas & Trends

When you consider the influences behind the push for healthier snacks, it’s easy to understand why healthy snack foods are becoming more readily available at just about every retail location. With more and more consumers wanting fresh, natural foods, it’s no wonder that healthy snacks are showing up in places ranging from convenience stores to specialty retail outlets. As shoppers turn to healthy snack options as part of their weight control plan or as ways to generally improve their well-being, healthy snacks won’t be displaced from store shelves any time soon.

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Five Packaging Tips for Candy Manufacturing

Staying on top of snack packaging and confectionery market trends can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful launch when you introduce your next product. Though keeping up with confectionery packaging trends and candy industry trends can be challenging, being innovative can be even more difficult. Despite this, standing out is necessary for your snack packaging to be successful.

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