How to Incorporate Candy into Your Next Super Bowl Party

For some, Super Bowl Sunday is the greatest holiday of the year — it’s pretty fun even for people who don’t normally like football, too. After all, it’s an all-night party where you and your friends can enjoy some great football, great commercials, great camaraderie and of course, great food and drink.

How to add candy to your super bowl party

Typically, though, when you think about Super Bowl food, it’s bar snacks like Buffalo wings, cheese sticks, hot dogs and nachos that come to mind. But what about dessert? If you love candy — and who doesn’t? — there’s absolutely no reason not to incorporate some great candy into your next Super Bowl party. Of course, the candy you select has to fit the event, so here are six Super Bowl candy ideas:

Serve Football-Shaped Candies

One of the most obvious Super Bowl candy ideas is to serve football-shaped candy — and it’s easier than you might think to get your hands on some. You can make it!

Just get some football-shaped candy molds, which you can find at any craft store, pour in melted chocolate, then freeze. Before long, you’ll have perfect football candies to serve to your guests!

Serve Candies in Team Colors

Who’s excited for the competitors in the Super Bowl this year? The New England Patriots vs. The Atlanta Falcons will face off in Super Bowl 51, held in Houston, Texas on Sunday, February 5 at 6:30. Get your game face on for an exciting showdown, but don’t forget your candy!

You can create a Super Bowl candy buffet to match your favorite teams colors. Keeping separate bowls of candies with team colors lets your guests show their pride while enjoying some sweet treats.

Serve Tailgate-Shaped Candies

If your guests are expecting tailgate food, give them tailgate food! Jellies or marshmallow candies shaped like hot dogs and hamburgers can amuse and delight your guests during the big game.

Football-Themed Serving Dishes and Decor

The Super Bowl is the perfect time to pull out your football-shaped Super Bowl candy dish and fill it with your favorite treats. You can easily find football-themed napkins and paper plates around Super Bowl time to add to the theme as well.

Football-Dipped Pretzels

You may have noticed that chocolate is brown, just like a football. Take pretzels and dip them in chocolate, then create some “laces” with a little bit of icing for the full football effect in a chocolate-covered pretzel.

There are other things you might try covering chocolate as well, like strawberries, for more savory football-themed treats.

Candy Football Game

Get a mini-gridiron and a paper or cardboard miniature football field. You can have two candy “teams” can face off against each other in the most delicious football game around. Maybe it’s chocolate drops vs. mini-peanut butter cups or jellybeans vs. hard-panned candies.

Line them up like real football teams for your guests’ amusement. You may want to have extra candies on hand as your display will probably lose “players” fast. Don’t forget to take a picture to remember it by, because even with replacement candies, it may not last through halftime.

No matter who wins and loses or whether or not you’re even a football fan, candy can be a great staple at your next Super Bowl extravaganza. Game on!

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