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How Popular is Candy in Other Countries? How Much do They Consume?

There’s no question that Americans eat a lot of candy. When it comes to world candy popularity, America is tough to beat. In fact, the average American eats almost 25 pounds of candy a year, half of which comes from chocolate bars. This translates to about one per week.

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DIY Candy Buffet Ideas for Your Next Party

A fun idea for your next party is a candy buffet. They can really liven things up and put a smile on your guests’ faces.

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How to Incorporate Candy into Your Next Super Bowl Party

For some, Super Bowl Sunday is the greatest holiday of the year — it’s pretty fun even for people who don’t normally like football, too. After all, it’s an all-night party where you and your friends can enjoy some great football, great commercials, great camaraderie and of course, great food and drink.

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Great Candy Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

One of the delights of Christmas is the Christmas stocking stuffers. Seeing your children reach into those stockings and pull out Christmas treats is an unparalleled joy—and when it comes to stocking stuffers, candy is one of the greatest options.

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Too Much Leftover Halloween Candy? Here Are Some Ways to Put It to Good Use

Halloween is a lot of fun. It’s fun for kids, of course, but it can be a lot of fun for parents, too. It’s great to watch your kids drag home their big Halloween candy haul and eat themselves into a dreamlike candy haze. But the next morning, there may be a little too much leftover Halloween candy for your kids to eat — although they may disagree.

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Welcome to the New Warrell Corporation Website

The Warrell Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its new web site.

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