Great Candy Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

One of the delights of Christmas is the Christmas stocking stuffers. Seeing your children reach into those stockings and pull out Christmas treats is an unparalleled joy—and when it comes to stocking stuffers, candy is one of the greatest options.

Christmas candy stocking stuffers is one of the things your kids wait all year for. So, of course, if you don’t do right, Christmas morning may just not be the same.

Feeling the pressure? Don’t panic! Here are some great and unique candy stocking stuffers:

Bacon Candy Canes

Candy canes will come as no surprise to your kids when they pull them out of the stocking. However, once they start sucking on these Christmas candy stocking stuffers, they’re in for a great surprise. Watch their eyes light up when they realize that these aren’t the candy canes they’re used to!


Chocolate is the great classic stocking stuffer. One of the best things about it, besides that it’s chocolate, of course, is that you have so many options to choose from for your Christmas candy stocking stuffers. There are different flavors of chocolate, different fillings and different shapes. In fact, there’s practically no limit to the type of chocolate candy your kids could find in their stocking.

Astronaut Ice Cream

This a really fun and unique candy stocking stuffer. You can’t put regular ice cream in a Christmas stocking for obvious reasons, but here’s a way you can give your kids a Christmas ice cream treat without getting a messy Christmas stocking.

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark combines the holiday spirit of Christmas with the great taste of chocolate. It’s a unique and delicious treat that screams Christmas.

Peanut Butter Trees

These amazing confections are peanut butter cups but in the shape of Christmas trees. You can stuff your kids’ Christmas stockings with one or two of these, but beware, these addictive treats may have your kids looking for them every day the stockings are up over the fireplace — and maybe for a few weeks after!

Marshmallow Santas

These are chocolate-covered marshmallows in the shape of Santa Claus. Chocolate, marshmallow and Santa? What more could you ask for?

Baked Treats

Some of your kids’ favorite stocking stuffers can be treats your bake yourself. Cookies with red and green sprinkles are tasty and festive, and they have that homemade goodness that your kids will probably remember all their lives.

Christmas Lollipops

Lollipops, wrapped in red and green for the holiday Christmas theme, of course, fit perfectly into a stocking and are a treat your kids can enjoy all day long.

Gummy Rings

These mini-jellied rings are in the shape of wreaths and can come in the red, green and white that represents the Christmas holiday. If your kids are fans of gummy candy, they’ll be thrilled to see some of these special treats in their stocking.

Regular Candy Canes

Just in case bacon flavor isn’t really your kids’ speed, it’s probably a good idea to have some regular candy canes on hand for a classic Christmas candy stocking stuffer.

No matter which kind of candy you and your family prefer, using it for Christmas stocking stuffers can add extra delight to Christmas morning. But, it doesn’t have to just be for the kids! We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed to find candy in your stocking, either.

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