Five Packaging Tips for Candy Manufacturing

Staying on top of snack packaging and confectionery market trends can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful launch when you introduce your next product. Standing out is necessary for your snack packaging to be effective, but keeping up with trends and finding ways to be innovative can be challenging.

Is your confectionery packaging innovative enough to make your products stand out from their competitors? If your snack packaging can communicate your value, that just might be enough to differentiate your products from the competition. To put yourself one step above the rest, read this guide on how to package candy for the most beneficial results. Try applying these candy packaging tips to your own packaging to make it more effective:

1. Convenience Packaging

Many brand owners believe packaging has a positive effect on brand value, and for good reason. Shoppers are willing to pay an increased price for a brand when the product’s packaging enhances certain characteristics. Consumers look for many traits in their preferred packaging, and convenience is one of the most popular.

Convenience can provide many benefits, like portability, instant gratification and improved quality of life. People want to access their purchased goods as soon as possible, and the right kind of packaging can facilitate that experience. If your packaging provides minimal effort with maximum reward, you are on the right track to increasing sales and satisfying customers.

Other aspects of convenience include how easy it is to open the package and dispose of it when finished. For many products, plastic stand-up pouches provide the accessibility and ease consumers want. Lightweight and easy to open and reseal, these pouches are convenient for snack lovers of all ages to use.

2. Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Packaging

For your packaging to be sustainable and eco-friendly, you might feel the need to package your food items in containers that will vanish into thin air without releasing a single harmful emission into the environment. But, there are actually some simple changes you can make to be more environmentally conscious.

You can start with the way you order and transport packaging materials. Because empty stand-up pouches can be shipped flat, they’re easier on the environment to transport from one location to another. The same goes for PET bottles that have only an eighth of the weight of comparably sized glass containers. Plus, you can enjoy lower shipping costs with lighter loads.

When you search for packaging materials, consider reusable products or ones made from recycled materials. You can also find simple packaging like stand-up pouches that are practically the finished product on their own without any extra material — like boxes — that are needed to ship, store and display your food item.

Making your snack packaging greener benefits your company and the environment. Some of the bonuses that using greener packaging may provide include fewer package failures, a better consumer experience and less downtime.

3. Stand Out From The Pack

When considering packaging for candy, find ways to use your packaging to make your products stand out from the rest. Some fun themes you could try include:

  • Patterns
  • Pastels
  • Animals
  • Luxury designs
  • Antique designs

Think about packaging that makes the most sense for your brand. If you’re going for a more creative vibe, you could incorporate some flicker or holographic effects, for instance. To generate a friendly, down-to-earth feel for your brand, consider incorporating elements of humor or materials like burlap. Think about your target audience and what colors, themes and materials matter to them.

Watch what your competition does, and find ways to be different. If they are using colorful bags, contemplate using clear boxes. If they use complicated and loud designs, you could try simple but stately brown bags. Using simple, clean packaging that includes basic colors and imagery is another way to differentiate your goods from their competitors.

4. Make It Portable

It seems that people are on the go more than ever these days. Since they’re busy with their careers, personal interests and families, active consumers like millennials and parents want smaller snack packaging that’s easy to stash in a purse, backpack or glovebox as they head out the door.

Be sure to provide multiple packaging sizes and options for your treats, including portable varieties for those with busy lifestyles. Just like larger packages, portable packaging must be easy to open and reseal. It needs to be easy to access and eat from when the hunger pains strike, plus safe to store away and carry along when it’s time to go.

If your customers can carry your product around in their pocket, they will be more likely to eat it and share it with others, increasing your sales and brand awareness.

5. Use Larger Bulk Packaging For Home Use

Bigger packaging is ideal for products used to prepare meals at home and for snacks consumed around the house. Like smaller packages, large or bulk packages need to be easy to open and re-sealable. Re-sealable packaging is critical to people who buy in bulk and need the products they purchase to last a long time to save money. Many shoppers are likely to spend more money on bulk packaging that keeps their food fresher for longer.

Package Your Candy with Warrell Creations

If you are looking for a custom candy and snack manufacturer to produce and package your product, it’s time to contact Warrell Creations. We are aware of the latest confectionery market trends and have the packaging capabilities to make your product stand out. Our Food Safety Management system meets required federal guidelines — the plant is FSSC 22000 certified and ISO 9001 certified, which is equivalent to SFQ Level 3 quality food certification. Give us a call or contact us online and start making a statement today!

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