Snack and Confectionery Trends In 2020

What popular snacks are popping up in lunchboxes, in backpacks and on plates around the country this year? We’ve compiled details about the biggest snack trends in 2020 to help you shake up your snack routine. How many of these have you tried?

Homemade Value Snacks

With COVID-19 outbreaks, many people are working from home, self-isolating or simply staying home because attractions are closed and plans are canceled. This change means more people are snacking. At the same time, the effects of COVID-19 have many worried about wasting money, so value-first snacks are important.

In addition, consumers can’t always just pop out to get snacks, especially if they’re self-isolating or worried about exposure. Online purchasing for food items may stay popular as a result.

Healthy Snack Trends

Consumers have been interested in healthy solutions for some time, and the trend will likely continue. Stores are full of veggie-rich choices made with natural, organic ingredients, and snacks that include heart-healthy options like nuts are popular.

Keto Snacks

Among the healthy snack trends, keto snacks continue to do well. Keto is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that was originally developed for hard-to-treat epilepsy patients but is used today to help people lose weight and stay healthy.

One of the challenges with keto snacks is that they cannot contain sugar or many net carbohydrates. Additionally, they must have fat in them. If you’re a new company hoping to introduce popular keto options to your line of products, you don’t have to dream up recipes on your own. Instead, get in touch with Warrell Creations. We can create a range of products from our portfolio, branding them for your organization.

Something New

From hot and spicy products to innovative new flavors, snacking today is anything but boring. Customers are always on the lookout for new tastes. They want to be healthy, but they’re also searching for something to liven up their snacking experience.

Conscious Snacks

Sustainable snacks are an option customers are looking for in 2020. Conscious snacking can include plant-based options that do not rely on animal products, as well as fair trade cocoa and similar sustainable ingredients. Snackers want to know that their eating habits are not harming animals, the planet or other people.

Snacks With a Story

Customers love getting a story with their treats, and brands have been sharing the background of their snacks and businesses through social media and packaging for years. Food just tastes a little better when it’s meaningful!

Many of these trends also impact confectionery items, for which attractive and sustainable options are key. However, confectionery selections also face a challenge. Sugar is seen as an ingredient to avoid for good health, and it’s not allowed on keto diets. One of the confectionery trends that may continue to gain traction is the practice of replacing sugar in confectionery products with brown rice syrup, maple sugar, coconut sugar and similar alternatives.

Are you ready to take advantage of today’s snacking trends for your business? If you want to create branded snacks as a part of your product line, contact Warrell Creations to find out how our manufacturing and range of options can help. We’re always developing new products so that you don’t have to — see for yourself now!

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