What Your Date’s Snacking Habits Say About Them

Have you ever wondered if snacking habits such as portion control and food choices can tell you anything about your date? While it may sound far-fetched, there really is a correlation between snacking behavior and personality traits. In fact, there’s even a link between your date’s food preferences and their digital device usage and social media behavior.


Sweet vs. Salty vs. Healthy

If your date prefers sweeter snacks, it’s more likely the person will be on social media. It’s also more probable your date will be influenced by social media. Someone who likes sweet snacks will probably use digital devices more heavily than someone who prefers another kind of snack, too. Like fans of sweet snacks, people who like salty treats also use digital devices more heavily than people who like other kinds of snacks.

Does your date enjoy healthy snacks? If so, you should plan to get in better shape because people who prefer this type of snack typically follow fitness trends and engage in exercises such as walking regularly.

Food Preferences and Personality Traits

Your date’s food preferences can reveal more than the person’s tendency to use social media and digital devices and whether they exercise often. Their snacking behavior can also provide clues about their personality traits.

Here is a list of some popular snack foods and the personality traits often associated with the people who eat them:

  • Tortilla Chips: Individuals who eat tortilla chips are normally perfectionists. In addition to being driven, people who snack on tortilla chips are generally organized, reliable and self-disciplined.
  • Cheese Curls: While the food-ology of determining your date’s personality traits based on what snacks they eat isn’t exact, eating cheese curls as a snack indicates a person has a high level of morality and integrity. It also implies the individual will interact with others based on their merit rather than their status. This means if you’re dating someone who snacks on cheese curls, you’ll be treated the same regardless of whether you’re a CEO, bartender or graduate student.
  • Meaty Snacks: People who indulge in meat snacks are often extremely loyal, trusting and vivacious. While those are attractive qualities, individuals who eat meat snacks are prewired to grapple with emotional distress, especially when a romantic relationship comes to an end. Keep this in mind if your date likes meaty snacks such as jerky or pork rinds.
  • Crackers: Individuals who enjoy munching on crackers when they snack are ordinarily shy and thoughtful. In general, cracker-eaters have a lot of irons in the figurative fire when it comes to their list of current projects as well. Cracker-snackers value their alone time and may be more receptive to online relationships than people who prefer other snack foods.

The Bottom Line

While food-ology suggests snack food preferences can indicate whether a person uses social media and digital devices a lot, exercises and has certain personality traits, the best way to get to know more about your date is by communicating and spending time with them. Food-ology is a fun way to try to infer information about your date. Communication and quality time are the best ways to get to know things about your date.

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