Snack & Candy Manufacturing Capabilities

Over the course of a half century in business, the Warrell Corporation has developed unsurpassed capabilities in numerous key candy manufacturing areas, including:

  • Fire Roasting/Hot Panning -We feature one of the finest fire roasting, or hot panning operations in the USA. Our state-of-the-art gas fired rotating copper pans require a precise combination of temperature, quality ingredients, and care to ensure nuts are roasted for ideal flavor and color.
  • Artisanal Chocolate Panning -Our Artisanal Chocolate Panning operation can produce a chocolate, yogurt, or fruit flavored coating with a highly polished surface for candies with a fruit, caramel, or nut center.
  • Chocolate Enrobing -Our facility includes an enrobing area that coats our products by passing them under a chocolate “waterfall.” We use chocolate, yogurt, compound, and many other coatings.
  • Brittle– Our Brittle and Toffee kitchen is affectionately referred to as the “Nutmaster”.  This cooker seamlessly combines various syrups with nuts, fruits, and natural flavorings.
  • Nut Cluster Squares -Our highly advanced nut crunch kitchen is a continuous style cooker; it measures the correct ratio of ingredients and adds them to the cooked syrup before continuing down the line to be flattened cut and packed.  The finished product is in the shape of a bite size cube packed with nuts, seeds, grains, and fruit; the combination of ingredients are endless.

Support Areas

Our capabilities also extend to various essential support areas, including:

Peanut Butter Pillows

Hand-pulled satin shells cover a flaky center of thin layers of crunchy, golden, peanut butter that provides a beautiful finishing touch to your specialty products. These are also called Peanut Butter Duets or peanut butter pillows.

Dry Roasting

We have two high capacity dry roasting rooms that are separately designated for peanuts and tree nuts.


Our vast assortment of packaging options include vertical and horizontal form fill and seal baggers, stand-up zippered bags, multi-cavity tray packing, variety club packs, PET jars, shippers, canisters, trays, and much more.

Contract Candy Making

Understanding that not every manufacturer has the capacity to keep up with heavy demand, we offer reliable contract candy manufacturing services to help you meet your production requirements. We’ve been actively engaged in candy co-manufacturing since the early 1980s; it now represents more than 80 percent of our total sales volume. With our willingness to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, we can accommodate contract candy manufacturing projects of all types. We will partner with you in every aspect of the process – product conception, creation, packaging, distribution and marketing – to ensure you’re able to deliver the high-quality candy products your customers have come to expect.

Private-Label Candy Making

We offer comprehensive private-label candy manufacturing services for entities such as mass and club retailers, supermarkets and drug and convenience stores. You will have access to an expert candy design team and innovative co-development approach that allows for your input in every aspect of the process. Our substantial experience collaborating with retailers and other confectionery and snack companies enables us to provide fast turnaround times in every phase of the product development and production process. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a high-quality private label candy product that will meet your aggressive profit margin requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our wide range of contract candy manufacturing capabilities!

Available Food Certifications

USDA Organic Kosher logo Non-GMO Verified gluten free certified vergan logo Fair trade certified Halal certified Certified sustainable

Certified by NSF International to the FSSC22000 Standard, a recognized GFSI Standard.