Brittle/Nut Crunches

With 50 years of candy-making expertise, the Warrell Corporation has been able to develop and perfect a wide variety of candy manufacturing processes. When it comes to making nut crunch and peanut brittle candy, our capabilities cannot be matched by any of our competitors. We can produce mouthwatering peanut brittle, which consists of butter, sugar and nuts, as well as nut crunches that are sure to be an instant hit with your candy customers. The approximate capacity of our peanut brittle and nut crunch processing operation is 14 million pounds per year!

Our 200,000-square-foot Camp Hill, PA manufacturing facility is equipped with an efficient, versatile machine which we call the “Nutmaster.  The “Nutmaster,” produces a continuous feed of brittle and crunch products that are the centerpiece of our nut crunch and peanut brittle candy making for a wide variety of candy and snack manufacturing.

Nutmaster: The Heart of Our Brittle/Nut Crunch Candy Making Operation

With the Nutmaster at our service, we’re able to produce numerous syrup formulations that are blended precisely with nuts, crunches, fruits and just about any ingredient you can imagine. We can also adjust the ingredient ratios during processing to create customized finished flavors that meet your exact specifications.

Additionally, our nut crunch and peanut brittle candy processing method can be adjusted to manufacture finished products in various sizes. Whether you need bite-size or random-sized pieces or squares, we can accommodate you! We also have many packaging options available.


A great way to add brittle/nut crunches to your product mx without implementing more production lines in your facility is by taking advantage of our contract candy making services. Our candy co-manufacturing approach allows your input in every phase of the process, from product design and development to marketing and distribution. And with our custom contact candy manufacturing capabilities, we can help you create brittle and nut crunches featuring various nuts, fruits and other ingredients to meet every customer taste.

We also offer cost-effective, private-label candy solutions for brittle or nut crunches that will increase your revenues and boost your bottom line. Whether you’re a national or regional retailer or other type of confectionery or snack operation, we’ll work closely with your team to produce a high-quality brittle or nut crunch in a short amount of time. You’ll be proud to display your store brand on your taste-tempting brittle or nut crunch product, thanks to our private-label candy manufacturing process.