Caramel Ingredients

Does your candy manufacturing process call for caramel ingredients? The Warrell Corporation has you covered! Our capabilities include the production of some of the world’s finest caramel ingredients for a wide range of candy manufacturing applications including caramel squares, bars, caramel clusters, dessert toppings and more. Our extensive caramel ingredient list includes:

  • Chocolate Panned Salted Caramels: Soft, chewy caramels enveloped in dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate that can be used to decorate and create a beautifully finished piece. These can also come uncoated and are called Caramel Bits
  • One Shot Caramel: Smooth, flowing pumpable caramel that provides a delicious gooey center for donuts, pastries, granola bars and various confectionery products
  • Caramel Variegate: This caramel topping offers a creamy buttery flavor and will not freeze, making it the perfect choice for ice cream, frozen desserts and beverages such as milkshakes and coffee
  • Dessert Topping: Caramel product made with heavy cream and butter that can provide a rich, sweet topping for cheesecake, sundaes and other classic desserts
  • Liquid Caramel & Chocolate Sauce: A free-flowing, pourable combination of caramel and chocolate that easily mixes with dry ingredients to serve as a sumptuous pre-baking inclusion
  • Dulce de Leche: Literally meaning “candy of milk,” this sweet, pourable caramel has been formulated to replicate the true dulce flavor of Central and South America
  • Dipping Caramel: Sweet, liquefied caramel that is used for enrobing and dipping of fondue, as well as everybody’s favorite: caramel candy apples!
  • All Natural: Ideal for drizzling, enrobing or dipping, this versatile ingredient can also be cut and wrapped into delicious caramel squares or layered in confections for baked goods
  • Pastry Caramel: A pumpable caramel ingredient that can be used for fillings and layerings and as a topping for cakes, brownies and pastries

Other styles include Enrobing Caramel, Turtle Style Caramel, Royal Reserve, Non GMO Dessert Caramel, Salted Caramel Sauce, Cinnamon Caramel Dip

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We also offer contract candy making services that allow you to expand your caramel ingredient offerings without impacting your current manufacturing processes or capabilities. As a reliable candy co-manufacturing company with decades of experience, we’ll work closely with your product development to create sweet, luscious caramel ingredients that meet your exact specifications. We’ll also collaborate with you on other key aspects of the contract candy manufacturing process such as packaging, marketing and distribution.

If you’re a retailer looking to add caramel ingredients to your product mix, our private-label candy making services can make sense for your operation. We have significant experience working with retail operations of all types and sizes, as well as other snack and confectionery entities. This allows us to produce high-quality, private-label caramel ingredients in a short amount of time. Our private-label candy-manufacturing customers are assured of receiving a finished product that exceeds consumers’ expectations and increases profitability.