Artisanal Chocolate Panning

The Warrell Corporation is a chocolate panning manufacturer that uses artisanal panning methods to combine delicious centers and unique coatings. With our efficient panning techniques and wide selection of confection options, you can create a delicious product your consumers will love.


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Chocolate Panning and Polishing

What Is Chocolate Panning?

The chocolate panning process covers centers with chocolate or a similar coating by applying the coating to a rotating drum of centers. Panning is an efficient way to coat many foods at once in an even layer. With the wide selection of centers and coatings you can use, chocolate-panned products can please many consumers.

Chocolate panning is similar to chocolate enrobing because they both cover centers with chocolate. However, there are some key distinctions. Chocolate panning is typically used for rounder centers like nuts or dried fruits, while chocolate enrobing is best suited for flat centers like pretzels or chips. Panned items are evenly coated on all sides, whereas enrobed products can be coated on only some of the sides.

The Chocolate Panning Process in Confectionery

Chocolate panning is a fast and efficient way to apply chocolate coatings to centers. The chocolate panning process requires expertise and precision to ensure the final product has a smooth, even coating adhered to the center and finished with a glaze.

The process involves these steps:

  1. Pre-sealing to coat the center with a syrup to prevent oil from migrating to the surface, which can cause fat bloom in the chocolate
  2. Engrossing to coat the center with chocolate or a similar coating as the center is pan-rolled
  3. Polishing & Glazing to give the panned confection a shiny finished layer

The coating can be applied using spray-panning, hand-panning or drip-feeding techniques.


Coatings, Centers, Inclusions, and Finishes for Panning

The most popular coating in panning is chocolate, but you can choose from many coatings to get the right look and taste for your final product, including:

  • Chocolate (Milk, Dark, White)
  • Compound (Milk, Dark, White)
  • Yogurt
  • High Protein Coatings
  • Nut Butter Coatings
  • Flavored & Colored Coatings
  • Sugar-Free and Reduced Sugar Coatings

The center can be virtually any round, evenly sized food, though some irregularly shaped foods work well with panning. Common centers are:

  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts
  • Dried Fruits
  • Seeds
  • Grains
  • Protein Crisps
  • Pretzel Balls
  • Cookie Balls

If desired, an inclusion can be panned into the coating to add an additional flavor or textural element. Some examples of inclusions are:

  • Flavors
  • Sprinkles
  • Seeds
  • Grains
  • Cookie Crumbs

Once the center is coated, you can choose a finish to give your final product a desirable appearance. Finishing options include:

  • Natural
  • Polished & Glazed (high gloss)
  • Dusted
  • Colored
  • Marbled


Artisanal Chocolate Panning Capabilities at The Warrell Corporation

The Warrell Corporation is a leading chocolate engrossing manufacturer in North America. We help our customers with:

  • Candy contract manufacturing services: We can create panned confections for your company through contract manufacturing. We’ll collaborate with you to choose the coating, center, and finish you desire for customization and stay in touch throughout the entire process. With no brands of our own, our sole focus is to manufacture your brand’s products to perfection.
  • Private label candy making services: Our private label manufacturing capabilities allow you to create, package and market a coated confection under your label using our equipment and expertise.
  • Quality assurance: Our Quality Management System and dedicated Commercialization team ensure every confection meets our strict standards to satisfy your consumers.

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We’re committed to practicing our mantra, We Innovate for You, through our strict quality standards, breadth of confectionery manufacturing capabilities and experienced project managers. Request a quote for chocolate panning with us today.

How we help our customers

If you need to ramp up production of chocolate-panned products but currently do not possess the in-house manufacturing capabilities, we offer contract candy making services that can meet your requirements. We take a collaborative approach to candy co-manufacturing; we’ll work closely with you during every phase of your project. You’ll also have the ability to customize the contract candy manufacturing process by mixing and matching different types of coatings, nut centers, inclusions and finishing options.

If you’re a retailer looking to grow your snack and confectionery business, we offer private-label candy making services for our Artisanal Chocolate-Panned products. We’ll work directly with your team to develop, package and market a tasty private-label product that will exceed your customers’ high expectations. And with our fast quote-to-prototype and product development-to-launch times that are the result of our advanced private-label candy manufacturing methodology, you can be certain your chocolate-panned product will be on your store’s shelves in no time.

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