Chocolate Enrobing for Candy

What is Chocolate Enrobing?

Chocolate enrobing is a process that uses a “waterfall” of chocolate to provide a delicious coating of chocolate on products such as pretzels, chips, peanuts, popcorn, cookies and peanut brittle. The coating can consist of milk, dark, or white chocolate, as well as other coatings. During the enrobing process, a curtain of chocolate covers the product. The bottom of the product is coated at the same time by passing over a pool of chocolate.

Our enrobing operation also features three 42” wide lines that are supported by state-of-the-art Sollich tempering systems. These highly advanced systems are capable of providing ideal enrobing conditions for a wide range of centers. Our enrobing equipment is custom-built to handle wash down changeovers, which are an essential component of our Allergen Control program. We’ve recently enhanced all three enrobing lines with custom-built feeding systems, improved contrast drizzling, and efficient product topping applicators.

Take A Closer Look at Our Chocolate Enrobing Process:

Our State-of-the-Art Chocolate Enrobing Process

This is our chocolate enrobing area. The enrobing process creates a waterfall of chocolate that we use to coat products with chocolate by passing them under the waterfall, thus, “ENROBING” them in chocolate. We employ state-of-the-art chocolate enrobing machines to create the perfect chocolate coating. The process starts with the tempering of the chocolate in the tempering units.

The tempered chocolate is pumped to the enrober and distributed across the 42″ feed. With a wire mesh conveying belt, excess chocolate falls through the belt for another journey into the waterfall.

You may notice, at the exit end of the chocolate enrober, is a thin rotating rod called a detailer. The purpose of this rod, that rotates counter to the product flow, is so that the product exiting the enrober does not have a tail – thus the name “de-tailer”.

After enrobing, the product passes into the cooling tunnel. The tunnel has a counter-current airflow so that the chocolate tempering process is not “shocked”. In other words, the conditions in the cooling tunnel are part of the chocolate tempering process. With this type of air flow, the cocoa butter crystals set-up in a manner consistent with a finished product that has a perfect set and fine gloss that our customers expect.

The speed of the tunnel belt varies with the load in the tunnel. The products that we enrobe are pretzels, popcorn, cookies, peanut brittle, chips and peanuts.

We can enrobe products in milk, white, or dark chocolate or in chocolate-flavored or colored compound coatings. All of these chocolate enrobers are CIP (clean-in-place) to comply with our allergen control plan. In addition, this kitchen supports Kosher, RSPO, and Fair Trade certifications.

Our Enrobing Options

Centers (Choose 1) Coatings (Choose 1 or more) Finishing Options
Mini Pretzels Dark Chocolate Fully Coated
Potato Chips Milk Chocolate Bottomed only
Cookies White chocolate Bottomed and Drizzled
Chickpeas Yogurt Sprinkled
Almonds or Cashews High protein coating Contrasting Colored Drizzle
Nut Butter coatings Peppermint Sprinkles

Our Promise to Deliver

If you’re looking to add chocolate-enrobed candies to your product offerings but don’t have the production capacity, our contract candy making capabilities can provide the perfect solution. We’ve been actively engaged in candy co-manufacturing for more than 30 years; we’ll work closely with you to create, develop, market and distribute your product. We can also offer customized contract candy solutions, such as various types of chocolate for enrobing.

We can also accommodate your private-label candy making needs for chocolate enrobing. Our substantial experience working with national and regional retailers and other snack and confectionery entities allows us to expedite product-to-launch times, while also ensuring you offer a private-label product of the highest quality. We’ve also designed our customized private-label candy manufacturing services to empower our customers to meet their aggressive profit margin goals.

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