Fire Roasting & Hot Panning

Fire Roasting & Hot Panning

Fire Roasting is often referred to as hot panning. This is the process of adding a thin crunchy, sugar-shell coating on to the center by applying heat to a traditional panning process. The nuts are cooked with a combination of ingredients such as sugar, salt, honey, butter or water in a revolving copper pan over a gas flame. Fire Roasting can be performed with many different types of wholesome, low-moisture centers including peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, soybeans and dried corn. Hot panning will produce a crunchy shell that is similar to popular, sweet and salty peanuts on the market. After the crunchy shell is produced, we can adhere inclusions such as dried fruit like blueberries, cranberries, and acai, grains such as quinoa, seeds such as chia, and a variety of seasonings.

The entire fire roasting method takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes from start to finish. This specialized process requires each batch size to remain small to deliver an appetizing artisan finish.  Our Camp Hill, PA hot panning operation features a total capacity of up to 11 million pounds per year! Innovations from this kitchen support a range of on-package claims from Kosher, non-GMO, Project Verified, Certified Organic, Heart-Healthy, as well as a Good Source of Protein.

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Our Hot Panning Process

 Fire Roasting Options

Centers Coatings Finishing Options
Roasted nuts Milk chocolate Dusted
Almonds Dark chocolate Colored
Raisins White chocolate Metallicized
Pretzel balls Protein coating Marbled
Dried fruits Fudge High gloss
Peanut brittle pieces Caramel Flat
Nut butters

How We Can Help You

Our capabilities include fire roasting/hot panning contract candy-making services that can help you meet customer demands. We offer fully supported candy co-manufacturing services where we partner with you in every project phase, including product design and creation, packaging, marketing and distribution. We also have the flexibility to tailor the contract candy making process to meet your unique fire roasting/hot panning requirements, such as adhering custom combinations of fruits and seasonings. Our extensive contract candy manufacturing experience ensures your customers always receive a finished candy product of the highest quality.

We also offer innovative fire roasting/hot panning private-label candy making solutions for retailers and candy and confectionery manufacturers and distributors. Implementing a co-development methodology, we’ll work closely with your organization in every phase of your private-label candy-manufacturing project to ensure the creation of a superior product that also allows you to meet your profit margin goals.

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