Nut Cluster Squares Co-Manufacturing

Building on 50 years of food manufacturing experience, Warrell Creations is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of healthy nut clusters. We provide contract manufacturing and private label services to some of the largest snack brands all over the country and around the world.

We make nut cluster squares with ancient grains, superfruits, seeds, nuts, add-ins and natural flavors. Our nut cluster manufacturing process allows us to make non-GMO, reduced-sugar, organic, high-protein, Kosher, RSPO-certified, vegan and gluten-free products with an almost endless number of variations. We have different packaging options, can accommodate a variety of ingredients and can create bite-sized, or squared nut clusters.

Trends in Nut Cluster Products and Manufacturing

Nut clusters are a popular choice for healthy snacking. Nuts are high in proteins and heart-healthy fats. Nut cluster squares can contain superfruits which add additional nutrients. We can also add superfoods like acai and other better-for-you ingredients to your nut cluster squares.

Nut cluster squares are a delicious, on-the-go  snack to enjoy healthy nuts. We can help you create new or modify existing recipes so you can bring your customers additional nutrients and health benefits. With our customized manufacturing process, you can create nut clusters with ingredients that support better-for-you claims.

What Ingredients Can Be Used in Nut Clusters?

Mix Ins Flavors Finishings
Pecans Fruity Drizzled Coatings
Peanuts Savory Bottom Chocolate Enrobed
Pistachios Sweet
Macadamia nuts Nutty
Ancient grains (such as quinoa or teff) Spicy
Superfruits (such as acai or blueberry)

Why Choose Warrell for Your Nut Cluster Contract Manufacturing Needs?

The Warrell Corporation has been certified by NSF International to the FSSC22000 Standard, a recognized GFSI Standard. We are also Kosher certified and registered to ISO 22000:2015. These certifications are your assurance of the quality we offer when we manufacture nut clusters for your brand.

We are the partner of choice for all brands regardless of their size. Our innovative focus on R&D and experience make us a natural choice for small to midsize brands looking to add high-quality products to their lines and larger companies looking for experienced, innovative manufacturers with high production capabilities.

To learn more about how our nut cluster manufacturing services can help you, contact us today for your contract manufacturing or private label manufacturing needs.