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Packaging is the all-important final phase of the candy manufacturing process. As they say, “You eat with your eyes first.” The packaging is the consumers’ first impression making it vitally important. Proper packaging is essential for protecting and preserving the finished product, while also helping to build brand awareness. It’s also essential to have great imagery on your packaging so it jumps off the shelf and into the consumer’s basket. The Warrell Corporation will supply you with machine specifications so you can have your designer customize packaging solutions that meet your specific retailing requirements.  Most of our packaging machines utilize roll stock.

Bulk Packing

Packaging Capabilities

Our wide range of available packaging processes includes:

  • Stand-up bags (SUB)
  • Pillow bags
  • Small bags/portion control
  • Flat bottom gusset bags
  • Quad seal bags
  • PET
  • Club Packout

Specific packaging options include vertical and horizontal form fill & seal bags, stand-up zippered pouches, PET jars, composite cans, bag in a box and many others, including:

  • Bulk packaging
  • Display-ready cases (DRC)
  • Regular slotted cases (RSC)
  • Pallet modules
  • Formed corrugate trays
  • Shrink film over wrapping
  • Stand-up pouches/stand-up bags (SUP/SUB)
  • Vacuum sealing
  • Nitrogen flushing

Highly Advanced Machinery Provides Fast and Efficient Candy Packaging

Our 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Camp Hill, PA includes numerous dedicated packaging station equipped with state-of-the-art packaging machines that are the epitome of speed and efficiency.

Other Key Packaging Capabilities

Our packaging capabilities also include vacuum packing for bulk products. Most production lines also include automatic multi-head weight systems, X-ray, metal detection, 3-D code date printing, and nitrogen flushing, which is the process of removing oxygen from the package and infusing nitrogen to increase shelf life. All finished products are checked, weighed, and tested to assure they meet our stringent quality standards.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Packaging Needs

Are you unsure which type of packaging is right for your project? Feel free to contact us to discuss your various packaging options. With 50 years of contract candy manufacturing experience, we can recommend the best packaging solution to meet your requirements.

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