Snack Bites Co-Manfacturing

Warrell Creations is one of the leading snack bites contract manufacturers in the United States. Top brands choose us for their manufacturing needs. With more than 50 years in the snack and candy manufacturing industry, we bring indulgent and healthy snack bites to companies of any size.

What are Snack Bites?

Snack bites are a poppable, round-shaped snack made with a combination of nuts, seeds, ancient grains, and superfruits packed with a range of flavors, and nutrients. An endless array of options are available. Coupled with a range of packages from large stand-up bags to trending “on-the-go” portable options, Warrell Creations can deliver an innovation that will fuel your portfolio

How Are Snack Bites Made?

It all starts with a unique combination of flavors and ingredients. Starting with a center, we can add multiple layers of coatings and inclusions. Our process creates a mouth-watering mix of tastes and textures to please any palate. These bite-sized snacks are ready to be packed and shipped with your brand name.

What Ingredients Can Be Used in Snack Bites?

Centers Coatings Inclusions
Dusted Almonds Milk chocolate Seasonings, including spices
Roasted nuts, including pecans, almonds & peanuts Dark chocolate Chopped nuts, including almonds, pecans & peanuts
Raisins White chocolate Ancient grains such as quinoa (which pack a healthy boost)
Pretzel balls White yogurt Chocolate chips
Dried fruits Fudge Coconut
Milk protein isolate Nut butters, including almond & cashew butter Seeds
High protein coatings Cocoa


Trends in Snack Bites Products and Manufacturing: Healthy Snack Options

Healthy snack options are trending with consumers. Snack bites include protein-rich ingredients such as nuts, seeds and protein coatings. We can include items such as dried superfruits like acai, cranberries and blueberries to boost the nutritional values. Warrell Creations has options to pack snack bites into single serve, portable packages as well as larger, resealable packages.

Why Choose Warrell for Your Snack Bites Contract Manufacturing Needs?

As a leader in private label and contract manufacturing, Warrell is the partner of choice for large and midsize brands. Companies turn to us for our innovative services, expertise, experience and manufacturing capabilities.

We are Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union Kashruth Division OU and certified by NSF International to the FSSC22000 Standard, a recognized Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Standard.  We have a 200,000-square foot manufacturing facility and a team with a passion for bringing quality snack bites to your brand.

If you need a private label or contract manufacturer to make snack bites, contact us to learn more about how we can meet your needs.