Snack & Confectionery Contract Manufacturers

Even if you already produce your own treats, you may find yourself looking for a contract manufacturer in the future. Established brands turn to a snack and confectionery contract manufacturer for a wide variety of reasons. One of the leading reasons firms often need to subcontract candy suppliers is because they have a product that’s in high demand and they need additional capacity. Another reason is that they do not have the manufacturing expertise or capability. For others, they seek our innovation services to develop and introduce a new product to the marketplace without having to invest capital in manufacturing equipment and R&D.

Running out of capacity to produce a “hot” product causes considerable difficulties within the supply chain and can strain customer relations. It’s a significant problem. Seeking additional capacity though a contract manufacturer may relieve pressure and be an effective way to resolve this issue. An outside manufacturer can also provide services to keep up with the demand for new, innovative products within your brand or product line. You may lack the equipment, necessary expertise, or resources to produce this product in-house. Given the capital expense that’s involved with purchasing commercial production equipment and hiring in-house experts to oversee the manufacturing process, it’s often much more cost-effective to use a contract manufacturer to produce the product.

Warrell is the Partner of Choice in snack and confectionery contract manufacturing:

Cost & Capability Competitively Advantaged Quality Accelerated New Product Development Experienced Project Management Willingness to Invest
Our breadth of manufacturing capabilities have a highly competitive cost structure. Our Quality Management System has been protecting global brands for over 50 years. Our New Product Development Team accelerates innovation cycles by serving as an extension to your R&D organization. Our team of Project Managers reliably deliver new capabilities to market. Warrell has a demonstrated willingness to invest.


We will work with you to ensure you are satisfied at every point of our contract manufacturing process. It is routine to hold weekly conference calls with our partner to assure transparency, excellent communication and progress toward target deadlines. Our partnership process entails several critical steps, including:

  • Signed Mutual Non-Compete Agreement (NDA)
  • Product Concept
  • Product Prototype
  • Validation/Plant trial for operation and packaging
  • Commercialization

As your snack and confectionery contract manufacturing partner, we will work with you in the development process and support you with customer service post development.

Our Confectionery Contract Manufacturing Experience and Expertise

Boasting more than 50 years of success in the industry, Warrell is one of North America’s top confectionery contract manufacturers. Over the years, our talented team has mastered fundamental manufacturing processes that enable us to produce tasty snacks and sweet treats for midsize and large brands. Our mastery and high production capacity allow us to produce products for some of the largest brands competing in the United States.

Some of the nation’s most recognizable brands trust us to manufacture their products to their exact specifications. They also rely on us to bring new snack product ideas to market on their behalf. Given our experience, innovative spirit and impressive capabilities, we’re able to bring new products to life faster than many competing organizations.

Our snack and confectionery contract manufacturing services yield tasty, satisfying treats across many brands. Specifically, our contract manufacturing capabilities include:

Benefits of Using a Contract Manufacturer for Snack & Candy Production

While using a contract manufacturer can help you save money, this kind of arrangement typically provides additional benefits when you work with Warrell Creations. One of the most significant benefits of working with us is that you’ll be able to focus on the other essential aspects of your business.

Even if chocolate candy manufacturing is a part of your operation, you still have other things that require your attention for your company to be successful, such as marketing and sales. By partnering with us for your candy manufacturing needs, you can focus on the other critical elements of your organization.

If you choose us as your co-manufacturer, you’ll appreciate our capacity for high-volume production. Our high-volume production capabilities ensure you’ll always be able to meet the demand for your products and scale that production for future demand increases.

When you partner with Warrell Creations, you’ll have access to a broader skillset than you currently have. You’ll be able to consult with our candy R&D experts, for example. If you’re looking to create a new product or bring a new concept to market, our research and development experts can help. Our candy R&D team and product development team have years of experience with developing new products and bringing them to market successfully.

Choose Warrell for Your Candy and Snack Contract Manufacturing Needs

By choosing Warrell Creations as your confectionery contract manufacturer, you’ll gain a trusted partner you can count on to deliver. As your partner, we’re invested in your success. Our capabilities ensure we’ll be able to scale with you as your business grows and you add items to your product mix. With a proven commitment to innovation, we’ll put our creativity and knowledge to work for you to create products that will allow you to capitalize on gaps in the marketplace while we manufacture your existing snacks and candies. To learn more about the benefits of choosing Warrell Creations as your contract manufacturer partner of choice, or to get more information about our partnership process, contact us today.

Available Food Certifications

USDA Organic Kosher logo Non-GMO Verified gluten free certified vergan logo Fair trade certified Halal certified Certified sustainable

Certified by NSF International to the FSSC22000 Standard, a recognized GFSI Standard.