Frequently Asked Questions about The Warrell Corporation

Does The Warrell Corporation manufacture for Private Labels? What is the difference between Contract Manufacturing and Private Label?

Warrell considers itself a contract-manufacturing and private label partner.  We manufacture and package major private labels for supermarkets, drug, convenience, mass and club retailers. We are frequently a preferred supplier because of our varied manufacturing processes and packaging capabilities.

We also partner with companies that want Warrell to produce products to their specifications.  As long as the specifications are within the range of our capabilities we can meet the specific needs of your project.   We also have highly experienced food scientists to assist you with your innovations.

Check out the Warrell Blog to learn more about the differences between contract manufacturing and private labeling.

Do we have nutmeats in our facility?

Yes.  We do manage both tree nuts and peanuts in our facility simultaneously.  We have a strong allergen control program which segments these two classes at all times.

Are the products Warrell produces kosher certified?

Yes.  The vast majority of the products produced by the company are certified Orthodox Union kosher

How much manufacturing experience does Warrell have?

The company has been manufacturing candy since 1965.  We have been actively engaged in contract manufacturing since the early 1980’s.  Today, contract manufacturing represents over 80% of the company’s sales volume.

Can you manufacture organic products?

Yes, certain processes are certified Organic. Please contact our sales office to discuss further, sales@warrellcorp.com

Can you manufacture all-natural products?

Yes, we do manufacture many natural products. We use many natural ingredients, flavorings, sweeteners, and processes. Please contact our sales office to discuss further, sales@warrellcorp.com

Are you SQF 3 certified?

Yes, we are registered by FSSC22000 which is SQF3 equivalent. We are also certified to a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) approved standard, registered to ISO 2000/ISO 9001, and Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union Kashruth Division OU.

Can you manufacture non-GMO products?

Yes, certain products can be certified non-GMO. We use many non-GMO ingredients.