Manufacturers of All-Natural Snack Products

Yes, we do manufacture many natural products. We use many natural ingredients, flavorings, sweeteners, and processes. Please contact our sales office to discuss further,

Companies that sell natural products are in growing demand and have been for quite some time, and with good reason. With the explosion of available information, we know much more about how artificial additives to products can be less desirable for some, and it’s only natural that fans of candy and chocolate will wonder, does Warrell use all-natural products?

We all recognize that candy and chocolate can only be considered part of a healthy diet if enjoyed in moderation, and many fans of these products want to take that to the next level by learning what candy companies use all-natural ingredients. Knowing the candy companies that use all-natural ingredients can make it easier for retailers and consumers to enjoy their candy, safe in the knowledge they are ingesting fewer artificial components when they do.


More People Are Choosing Companies That Use Natural Ingredients for Their Candy

More natural ingredients mean fewer artificial ones, and all-natural products mean no artificial ingredients. This means the candy you enjoy does not contain flavorings, colors or sweeteners that are manufactured in a laboratory, only ones that occur organically in nature.

For example, in an all-natural candy product, instead of refined sugar or a common sugar substitute like the type you might find in diet soda, you can expect something like fruit sugars, honey, or maple syrup. Instead of a dye, you’ll find a natural ingredient that produces the desired color. Instead of a chemically produced flavoring, you’ll find ingredients that mimic the desired flavor when combined, or have the desired flavor naturally.

Warrell Corp., All-Natural Candy and You

Serving the needs of our partners and consumers is important to us, which is why we are sure to offer products with natural ingredients. It’s important to recognize that ingredients that are not all-natural are not necessarily bad. Warrell Corp. ingredients are always of the finest quality, and we would never put anything in our products that has been judged harmful to consume in moderation.

In fact, we offer candy that is certified Orthodox Union kosher and we carefully segregate our nut-based products to protect customers with food allergies. That’s part of our commitment to offering the healthiest chocolate and candy possible to our partners and consumers.

While we stand behind all our products, we understand why people want to minimize the number of artificial ingredients they consume, so we are happy to offer candy with natural ingredients that is exciting and delicious. We’re also happy to talk to our partners about how we can best service customers who are looking for companies that sell natural products, so get in touch any time.

Available Food Certifications

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Certified by NSF International to the FSSC22000 Standard, a recognized GFSI Standard.