Can Warrell Manufacture Kosher Certified Candy & Snacks?

Yes, the vast majority of the products produced by the company are certified Orthodox Union kosher.

What Is Kosher Candy?

What does it mean for food to be kosher? You’re probably aware that kosher refers to the dietary laws that observant Jews and some others follow for all the food they eat. In fact, kosher laws date back thousands of years and have both health and religious significance. The word kosher means “proper” or “acceptable” in Hebrew, and the laws of kosher food come to us from the Bible.

Some rules are very straightforward. Those who keep kosher cannot eat pork or any pig product, other animals like rabbit or catfish, any shellfish, any reptile or most insects. Another important kosher dietary law is that dairy products and meat cannot be made or eaten together, due to this command from Deuteronomy: “Thou shalt not boil the lamb in its mother’s milk.”

How does this apply to candy? Well, any product made from something that is not kosher or made using manufacturing or cooking equipment that has been used to make something that is not kosher is also considered not kosher. Therefore, you could not make certified kosher chocolate with machines that have made non-kosher candy unless those machines have cleansed in between.

Why Is It Important to Eat Certified Kosher Products?

If you and your family are Jewish and observe Jewish law, you are required to eat only kosher products. However, many of the kosher dietary laws arose out of some very sensible health concerns, for example, the fact that undercooked pig products can lead to the very dangerous disease trichinosis. People concerned that undesirable ingredients like insect parts or pork fat have made it into their food can be confident this is not the case when eating a certified Kosher product.

What Is the Distinction Between Kosher and Certified Kosher Products?

Any product made without non-kosher ingredients on kosher machines might be called kosher, but certified kosher candy means the product has been certified Orthodox Union kosher, meaning it has been certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. The Orthodox Union is a governing body that ensures food claiming to be kosher is in full compliance with all kosher dietary rules. This is a strict process that involves a careful review and research of all ingredients by the Orthodox Union Ingredient Approval Registry. The registry specifies which products can bear the OU symbol, establishes rules for the use of equipment in food production and assigns a rabbinic field representative to visit the manufacturing plant to ensure all instructions are being followed.

Warrell Corp. is more than happy to follow these regulations in order to provide delicious certified kosher candy products for its customers.

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