Are You SQF3 Certified?

Yes, we are registered by FSSC22000 which is SQF3 equivalent. We are also certified to a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) approved standard, registered to ISO 2000/ISO 9001, and Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union Kashruth Division OU.

As a seller of quality candy and chocolate, it’s only natural that you want to make sure you are offering the best products to your customers. Before entering a contract with us, you might wonder what facility certifications does Warrell have? Is Warrell SQF3 certified? Warrell Corp. is indeed SQF3 equivalent, and we recommend only working with candy companies that are SQF3 certified or SQF3 equivalent.

Why Does It Really Matter Which Candy Companies Are SQF3 Certified?

Why do you need to know what candy companies are SQF3 certified or SQF3 equivalent? What does it actually mean? SQF3 is a certification given by the Safe Quality Food program. Its stated mission is “to deliver consistent, globally recognized food safety and quality certification programs based on sound scientific principles, consistently applied across all industry sectors and valued by all stakeholders.”

Its goal is to be the most trusted source in the world for food safety and certification. It is also recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. When a food product or food manufacturing company has SQF3 certification or is certified to a Global Food Safety Initiative approved standard, you know you are getting food products you can trust.

What Is So Special About the SQF3 Food Certification Program and Its Equivalents?

How does SQF set itself apart in its effort to become the leading standard for food safety? For one, it puts features in place to guarantee consistency and greater oversight in auditing, in order to make its certifications more reliable. It is worth nothing that SQF is the only program outside of Europe that is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. For another, SQF has transparency, with copies of SQF codes and guidance in implementing SQF systems freely available. SQF is also proactive in risk identification and management and offers comprehensive, consistent training in order to maintain the program’s integrity.

Why Is Top-Level Food Safety Certification Important to Us?

Why is this level of certification so important to Warrell Corp? We could sell our products with a lower level of certification, and we could also not offer kosher, natural or organic options. However, we choose to do things a different way. We haven’t been in business for more than 50 years by skimping on quality or not putting the concerns and needs of our consumers first.

It’s important that every company we work with know that when they partner with Warrell, they are making a decision to deliver a high-quality, great-tasting product their customers will want to enjoy over and over again. Certification at the highest levels is a big part of that promise.