Healthier Candy Making Capabilities

In May 2017, companies that account for approximately half of the confectionery sector announced that they were implementing initiatives that are intended to help consumers reduce their consumption of sweets and sugar. The joint announcement was made with the nonprofit, Partnership for a Healthier America. The report included the manufacturers’ plans to make at least half of their individually packaged products 200 calories or less by 2022 and to put the number of calories each product has on the front of their packaging.

While it may seem counterintuitive for candy makers to encourage consumers to eat fewer sweets and sugar, it’s not. In fact, it’s merely a sound business decision that was made in response to consumer demand for healthier candy and snack options.

The Rising Popularity of Healthier Treats

While reducing sugar, eliminating GMO ingredients, increasing protein, removing trans fats and improving fiber in candy and snacks is an excellent first step, consumers want more from candy manufacturers that specialize in healthy candy making. They’re not just concerned about sugar. They’re worried about the type of sugar that’s used to make their favorite treats. In recent years, many consumers have turned away from candy made with high-fructose corn syrup in favor of snacks made with natural sweeteners such as honey.

Many consumers have voiced their concerns about food products made with artificial coloring and flavorings, preservatives and GMO ingredients, or genetically modified organisms. Here are some of the additional additives that many shoppers are now trying to avoid in their candy:

  • Artificial Colors and Flavors
  • Pesticides
  • Preservatives
  • Growth Hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • Gluten

Shoppers aren’t just demanding that their candy be made without the use of specific ingredients. Many are also demanding that their candy do more for them. While candy will always be a treat and not a meal replacement, a lot of consumers still want their favorite sweets to have more protein to keep them satisfied and energized for more extended periods of time between meals and snacks.

Why Warrell Creations Specializes in “Better for You” Candy and Snack Manufacturing?

For more than five decades, Warrell has used high-quality ingredients in making “clean” candy and snacks. However, in recent years, we’ve concentrated on producing “better for you” productsmanufacturing. Whether you want to bring new products like high-protein snacks to market, or you want to make your current products healthier candy options, we can help.

Our research and development team has many years of experience in the field making low-fat chocolate, low-calorie candy and all natural, high-protein snacks. Our talented team members have helped small, medium and large brands bring healthier candy options to market, and we can help you do the same.

If your brand has a new concept idea for a “better for you,” fat-reduced sugar, or higher protein product, our research and development team has the experience and expertise to create a recipe for the type of candy you want us to produce for you. If you have an existing method you want to make healthier, our team will tweak your recipe and test the results to ensure they meet your precise standards, as well as our own.

To learn more about our capabilities to bring your healthier candy manufacturing ideas to life, contact Warrell Creations online or via phone today.