Research & Development in Candy Manufacturing

Warrell has been a confectionery manufacturer for more than 50 years, and we know many scenarios that require candy research and development (R&D). Creating a new recipe, bringing a new product to market or modifying your current method to include fresh ingredients are just a few of cases. Developing lower sugar versions of your existing products, incorporating protein or finding healthier ingredient substitutions are challenging examples that require highly technical candy-making R&D.

Whether you want to create a new candy product or modify a candy in your existing product line, our confectionery company can help.

Our innovation team has experienced food technologists and food scientists. We have years of experience and proven expertise in developing, modifying and testing candy products. Over the years, we’ve developed a time-tested process for research and development in candy manufacturing that has helped small and large manufacturers bring their confection and snack ideas to the market.

Warrell has several food safety and quality certifications. We are certified by NSF International to the FSSC22000 Standard, a recognized Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Standard.  The FSSC22000 Standard is SQF Level 3 equivalent.   In addition, we are Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union Kashruth Division OU.   We ensure your products manufactured at Warrell will adhere to the strictest quality assurance requirements. We are audit ready at all times.  Also, many of our processes and/or ingredients are certified USDA organic, gluten-free, Halal, RSPO, and non-GMO.

Our Candy Making R&D Process

Our candy making R&D process involves multiple sequential steps, which are in place to help ensure success for everyone involved in the process. Here are the phases that make up our candy research and development process:


It all starts with a question. If you have an idea for candy, you can submit your query to Warrell Creations using our convenient online form. Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll contact you to gather additional information about your idea and complete a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Once confidentiality is secured, you can share the details of your project such as the candy making process you want us to use, the dimensions or specifications you want in your product, your desired price point and launch date. We’ll also discuss the quantity of product you want to produce and the type of packaging you want for your candy.

Ideation & Concept Development:

At this stage of our candy making R&D process, you’ll meet with our talented sales and marketing team to discuss the demand that might exist for your product in more detail. In this phase, we’ll identify more of the technical requirements and resources that will be necessary to produce your product. We’ll perform an internal risk analysis.

Design Prototype:

In this phase, our seasoned teams in product development — which include packaging and process engineering, purchasing, quality assurance, sales, marketing and accounting — will all work together to determine projections for the production process and well as its cost and scalability. Our R&D team and development experts will finalize the recipe at this point, too.

Validation & Certification:

After the initial prototype design is finalized and approved, we’ll run your product through a full production trial on the processing lines in the plant. We’ll adjust the formula as needed to account for any changes that are necessary as we move from test batches to plant production.  During this stage, we’ll finalize all of the packaging and delivery timelines for your product launch.

Launch & Commercialization:

After the validation and certification phase, we’ll invite you to the plant for the initial run of your new product. Once the product ships, we will have an internal review of the commercialization success to ship your second order promptly without issues.

Warrell Creations, Your Partner of Choice for Candy Manufacturing R&D


We work with you from start to finish, leaving no detail unattended, and conduct analysis and evaluation throughout each step. If your business is interested in manufacturing a new product with a contract manufacturer — whether you have a recipe developed, would like it tweaked, or would like to work with us in the innovation of a new product — Warrell Creations’ R&D team has the expertise to assist you.

We work with several Fortune 500 customers and manufacturers with national brands to develop new products and manufacture current goods, as well. We have multiple processing and packaging capabilities with years of production expertise.


Our candy making capabilities or processing inclusions include:

Call Warrell Creations or complete our online form to learn more about our  R&D process to get started with your innovative confectionery product today.

Available Food Certifications

USDA Organic Kosher logo Non-GMO Verified gluten free certified vergan logo Fair trade certified Halal certified Certified sustainable

Certified by NSF International to the FSSC22000 Standard, a recognized GFSI Standard.